“One of the most skilled consultants when it comes to the administrative and financial aspects of European projects. Capable of diving into a project at short notice and immediately identifying the key issues in order to propose corrective action.”
Xavier Aubry, ZAZ Ventures
‘We have worked together with Lusack-Rosiers AB in an EU – project, which needed a substantial effort to get back on track. Lusack-Rosiers AB contributed with very competent experience and feedback, both in relation to organising of tasks and the coordination of the project, but also in relation to rules and regulations concerning EU – funded projects. Lusack-Rosiers AB gave very good support to the project coordinator and the whole consortium and with their excellent communication skills, they managed to make all partners feel included in the progress of the project and gave them the sense of ownership in relation to solving the issues in the project. I will definitely recommend Lusack-Rosiers AB to others.
Mrs. Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, project manager, Agro Business Park A/S, Denmark